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Ausgabe Nov./Dez. 2008 [PDF]

OfThis is a new message for people ...

working for Big Banks (FED for example), for politicians, secret services,
armed forces, government agencies, law firms and law, Special Forces, honorable or questionable associations and brotherhoods of different directions idea.

It is a message to all believers and their secular leaders, and to non-believers. Also to all the followers of different directions idea. And stick to the people, which the banks have in our possession, and so the rest of the world in the stranglehold of debt bondage. At the cabal and its driving forces. Successor to the groupings of Mr. HM v. Stuhl XLI.
It is a message to all who despise life, appreciate or have wasted their precious life time so far in vain. And to those whose driving is love.

Therefore, as announced: Important Message 2

And in Greek he has the name Apollyon (which means place of destroying), you have over them as king the angel of hell, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, (the destruction): Bible Revelation 9, 11. ( read 9 / 11 perhaps read the book with German title „334 Promille Lüge” too. This book shows 666 parts per thousand of truth.

Let us remember the prophecy warnings about the effects of causes. So it's up to us to change the causes so that the inevitable consequences. If not take place predicted negative events, the prophecy has achieved its goal. Who noticed that energy and consciousness are divinely intelligent action may turn its thoughts to a better world.

Even children already questioning the actions of adults. see:

At least it is in developed countries so that children will be educated to function as it meets the interests of the cabal. Sorted out and classified as adults, they take over the function of a few selfish to serve. Even as a child when they are already in the consumers 'society' integrated so that the idea of turbo-capitalism can continue to be implemented. The members of the cabal puppets themselves are destructive of their interests. A large part of what prevented the public through media manipulation, threatened, and / or ridicule is given the award is satanic cabal

The only question is why the files from 9 to 11 are under wraps. Irrelevant, both, North and South Tower, have collapsed especially WTC 7. At this point cordial greetings to ENRON. Kennedy was a contract killer or "lunatic" and who? Again irrelevant! Executive Order 11 110 of the Federal Reserve stood in the way. Five months after that president Kennedy was assassinated available. E. Howard Hunt gave a confession to the CIA assassination plot on his deathbed. The media ignore this fact. At this point, and cordial greetings to the FED and their puppets. A big thanks to those who provide appropriate transparency.

The term quality is already changing and will make just barely over those that want to give up their antiquated way of life with greed, power madness and delusion. Therefore I appeal to the lighter part "of the Lodge" (334 Prozent Lüge) to produce clarity. It's time! I blame not, but I can not appealing.

The following lines might help. It's about an old puzzle. The riddle of the Sphinx. It is a mystery of initiation. The Sphinx symbolizes the transformation of the animal nature in man. Therefore, their carcasses and the human head. So mind / = head above the animal / = body. Whoever this mystery of our audit did not solve (lebte!), paid with his life. (How do you live?)

First 4, then 2, then 3, then 1 4, the archangel; 2 is the split mind; 3, the nature (good and bad) and you, is one integration, the connection to wholeness. Many of the initiates of today's days are not lit. They put on crowns, instead of her crown to shine. The result is a corrupt and hostile to human NWO ideology of today. If they could only overcome their separation from life and from her heart ... After opening it is the old task of neophytes be seven souls from the dark astral realm to solve. This was once the true test in the pyramids. A piece of truth in life, love, and our environment would be an advantage

How is it possible to free themselves from manipulation and ominous "top secret manipulations?" I open this here because I am convinced that the people as their first or can discover their true identity. Those who are concerned will know what I mean!

The method: Pray and open a triple Hallelujah (Christ), Hebrew הַלְּלוּיָהּ Halelu-jah (Judaism), a triple Allahlujah (Al Muslim) or a triple La ilaha ilallah (Sufi) or Om Shanti (Hindu). Greet the brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood of Light. (Not those who demand money on the internet.) Please God - JACHWE, Allah, Brahma to be heard. Please direct your wholeheartedly for "HIM" or to "your God" ...

Please order the removal of your knowledge and awareness filter. This prayer is always for all humanity and all life are recited: "May the divine healing power flow through us, heal us, strengthen clean, and fill us with love, healing warmth and light, protect us and lead our way. We are grateful for the fact that this is happening. " (Pray with heart and chant down not. This has nothing to do with proselytizing, still performing with religious power. It is free to choose whether you want to remind you of "God.")
Touch then alert and curious as a child some object. Take this little "miracle" is true. Appreciate the connection and the feeling that washes over you. Give the joy e.g. expressed by laughter. Children do this before ... Now find out who you are, by absonderst you everything you're not! See your hand. You're not the cornea or the fingernails. Move your fingers easily. Watch! You are not the pulse rather than the finger. You are not the hand. You are not the arms, feet and legs, etc. You are not the body. He is a gift and you're there.
Close your eyes for some time. You are not your head and not your body. Not your feelings, thoughts and not feel that you perceive in the eye. You are not ect motive nor desire. Get the total emptiness, absolute nothingness. You are not your inner images, nor the emergence of the "nothing". EVERYTHING that shows up in the event you're not you're not even God, should develop this feeling. Let go of everything. It may be that you see the creation (in the form of a vortex) or parallel worlds. Worlds, levels, or event, to which you have in any way share or did. Rate This not and am not afraid. Nothing can happen. This is all perception. There is only ONE SPIRIT ..

All other forms are on the sole ground of that spirit. What you also see, it does not cling. Let go of it. Open his eyes again and return. (Takes about 10 - minutes 15.) Do not underestimate this simple method! The results can be astonishing. Practice it every day if possible to a good time. However, nothing forcing you to. Integrate them in daily life! What stimuli are of what you think or how you act really from deep inside? And what actions or routines are learned or imposed?
Become the observer "of your" life. And focus your thoughts on the love! Long live freedom and love! Appreciate the simple and genuine. Give the spirit joy and love. How, where and to whom is your business. Your tools for self-examination: Think! Feel in you what do you think so! Listen to your heart! Give when you give. Not expect to get. So you make yourself a beggar. Be wise when you accept something. So you will be light (consciousness) open, love, freedom and real life. End of the method.

You're not what you perceive, and there is only one fact: You are! It is only this first cause. What do you think you know about you came from outside. Solve it therefore from you. Question behind all believe, not all. To find out who you are, find out who or what you are not. In order to let go of something you should be clear what you think. Let go of it. The one, who do experience is the experience itself. What do you think are not you holding yourself to be at the I AM, solve everything from alien! Everything you know about yourself, is a mirage.

Add to anybody, not even what you want. Where boundaries are ignored, chaos and suffering. Start setting a personal limit, therefore. Your conscience can offer you ... Above all, remain free. The strange ways are ways of Bondage and captivity.
They are called first Anxiety, fear, concern, second Trust, anger, third Obedience; 4 power; 5th Demand; 6 Temptation to promise; 7 Egoism, selfish love; 8 Pain, suffering, embarrassment, shame, humiliation, 9th Hope; 10 Uncertainty, doubt; 11 Blame, standings; 12 Insight, understanding If man has ideas and intuitions of immortality, infinity, supreme wisdom, justice, goodness, then need not be the germ of all his creatures? Matthias Claudius

Losing interest in knowledge is omniscience. It is the gift of knowing what we know at the right moment must be able to act flawlessly. Finally, we need knowledge to act. Lucky is, who acts spontaneously without the right to bring awareness into the game. Know that I AM. Veni, Creator Spiritus! Come, Creator Spirit!

Gospel of Thomas / 3 - Jesus said: "If your leaders say to you: Behold, the Kingdom is in heaven, so are the birds of heaven, go ahead. If they tell you: it is in the sea, so the fish will precede. But the kingdom is within you and it is outside of you. If you recognize yourself, then you will recognize, and ye know that ye are the children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you will be in poverty and are poverty. "

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