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This applies YOUR LIFE, EVERYONE who is still breathing and it applies the future of this planet. Years ago, I contacted onc of the powerful men in the world. HM v. Stuhl XLI. He was the chief judge of a secret clique that dominates only from diseased egoism and determines the fate of the world. This covenant was divided. Therefore, e.g. stages of 11.9.2001. Also look at this:

They get idea of hidden things, which are in progress. WE are now in the RESPONSIBILITY for a world of tomorrow! Who takes a look behind the scenes will soon realize who the economy, politics, large corporations, such as intelligence, military and other brotherhoods affected. The book "334 Promille Lüge " (German Titel) - the revelation of HM v. Stuhl XLI shows how the top management and high politician circles are manipulated. See also (

A separate circular will reach appropriate persons and institutions in due course.
The last will of the author to warn everyone of this Association I'll follow. So I decided to write this letter.

334 per thousand lie should reach more people. I know that the experiences described in the book correspond to reality, albeit a part of self-protection of these people must be lying. I am talking about common truth! And NOT the "conspiracy theory". It is natural that people encourage each other to their own advantage. Sometimes it must be anticipated. Therefore, some facts: Bündnis '90 / Die Grünen (Partie in Germany) confirms chemtrails

The political structure in a perverse way it can be manipulated, we looked at the Marc Dutroux case. 27 witnesses for the most part died under mysterious circumstances. This speaks for itself. Another case in the United States. The film Conspiracy of Silence of the case regarding Lawrence E. King was allowed to be shown in an oh-so-ever free country ... In my home (Germany) daily about 6 to 8 children disappear without a trace. One part is no longer back .... The AIDS and Cancer lie claim victims daily.

Additional facts:
Large banks finance wars!
Dictators or politicians are only tools to meet these goals
Compound interest is the root of slavery, which degrades humanity to a stage silly sheep, which are conducted to the slaughter. This system ensures national debt and control of power. They know that banks lend money that they do not own? A bank may "legally" claim at least nine times the sum of its gold deposits realistic printing and all capital lent at compound interest again. According to Selim Sürmeli, High Commissioner for Human Rights, Germany is not a state but a BRD GmbH. So, a human rights-free zone, as G.H. Komossa's book "Die Deutsche Karte" proves. The ex-EHM J. Perkins explains plausible despite all the criticism that developing countries will eventually subdued by huge loans. It is purely and solely to allow the bleeding for the plutocrats. Now I'm moving slowly from facts in the gray zone, which they can with a little patience and will certainly make clear to himself.
Where is it leading the sick attitude of the misuse of power and greed? How long should they decide on anti-social people? They divide countries, people, generations and us seemingly by the NWO. They create terror in order with their flimsy safety policy and undermine civil rights to gain total control over mankind. Help should wake up! Here you can get any / reader r / in the chance of the knowledge to draw the elite, which once stood by the death penalty under oath and secrecy. And they have access to lessons, which used to be "saints" or so called "enlightened masters" have been passed on to a select few is.

In 2000, the existence of Secret society betrayed. It is about time to neutralize his strength. May this covenant in another ten years for the benefit of active members, including members of the past! Is a dangerous order that disregards life, against each other, also commits crimes for fun in tormenting and killing, and guided by the motives of sex, money and power. Maybe they use this knowledge to the best offer! By background knowledge, self-respect and courage we can stop such negative developments. In order to tie back to natural values and because of above reasons I wrote the book 108 Antwort-von-X (German Titel). It is an extension to the book
334 Promille Lüge (German Titel).

WE ALL can stop this problem. The information on these books can be very helpful. We remain mindful! We defend ourselves into workers and retirees, in smoking and Non smoking, young and old, rich and poor, Muslim or Christian to be split. Disunity destroys society. Exactly what these people want. A rogue who suspects political calculation here. The mastermind behind this tactic is disinformation, distortion of truths, division, confusion and distraction of dealing with strategy, especially in the media scenario and in the field of entertainment software.

Whether it is my confidence in their decision. Who uses the information provided, which will open up what to do. May this letter broaden their perspective. It is free of manipulation! Therefore, it is NOT a chain letter! These lines show only on what they consider themselves to. Whether it is up to them to pass on the text itself! I dissociate myself explicitly moral pressure to bear. Their social conscience means nothing to me. It was increasingly clear in recent years, such as politics and monopolists are almost merged. The pharmaceutical industry has been more rarely really interested in prevention. The energy lobby barely mentioned something about free energy. The oil lobby has definitely maintained a dependency, etc. An extended general strike could cause the death of the parasite and manipulators. They would not fight again, even this system because we feed them. How long can they still want to piss and milk? It only goes so long as we allow it myself!

Each person can have a positive effect by signatures, financial resources or staff. If we rely on so-called "experts" and mainstream governments alone, then we will leave. Let's stop corruption and cruelty by peaceful means. Is in their sense

Would they do this by using "secret knowledge", they use the four techniques from "334 Promille Lüge", in any sane person can accept his fate and insight into future events. Of the total of 21 lessons were concealed 8th In it are again four techniques (rather principles). They took away the innermost circle of the other masters in knowledge and strength. Those missing techniques I publish multilingual expected to be about 2012 / 2013 with more details and themes. If they lie and read "334 Promille Lüge" to implement the first four techniques.

I give you now roughly the first two key techniques of the innermost circle.
First: Entertain A PURE WISH. For example, to find the meaning of life, or any other pure desire. Perhaps a positive goal.
Second: A pure thought follows a strong focus on this goal. Give them your full attention needs or projects. So that they activate their subconscious forces. Thus, to implement "outsiders" the techniques without having to rely on a secret society. They learn self-hypnosis. This allows them to increase your concentration over time significantly.

Do you know the story about the four candles? Four candles burn slowly. The first says: "I am the peace. Nobody can get my light. I think I'll go. " Your flame is small and you go out. The second candle says, "I have confidence. I am most vulnerable and so it makes no sense that I'm burning on. " A gentle breeze comes and goes. Spontaneously the third candle spoke in its own way: "I am Love. I have no strength left. The man pushed me aside and do not realize how important I am. They even forget to love those who are closest to them. " She also goes off.

A child enters the room and sees that three candles are out. "Oh, why do not burn anymore?" The child was very sad. Then the fourth candle spoke, "Do not be afraid. As long as I burn, we can re-ignite the other. I am confident. " With shining eyes the child took the Candle of confidence and set fire to all the others again. The flame of CONFIDENCE should always be with us. So we keep PEACE, TRUST, and LOVE for all time.
(By Dieter Wegewitz Christmas 2007) (Author unknown)

They too were once a child, open and unbiased. Free them by themselves as much as possible from all artificial fears. Small children know only two fears. Fall and noise. The rest is conditioning. Benjamin Franklin once said: The man who is willing to give up his freedom in order to gain security will lose both. Let love and confidence so great a power awaken within us that this is the larger part in the lives of future generations on this earth.

If the content you want here give no credence, I ask you added something abstract: On what she would think if you never would have told anyone anything ...? To what they would believe? They observe the best nature and their activities, or they activate their second face. Now it is up to you ... This message is being disseminated in several languages. Happens to what extent this is due to the readers. But their awareness, responsibility and free will to decide. In principle, they are free. Let the brave old constructs fear behind us. May faith and love of their actions determine. Then they get to be the right time for the best. Thank you for your cooperation!

And please excuse faults in the English translation of my German originals. German is my mother language and the translation is only possible with the help of friends, who are also Germans and no professional translators.

Mir Susne Hum

108 Antwort von X now avalible as PUB !